Zifolet Tablet

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Generic: Folic Acid and Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate
Strength: 5 mg+20 mg
Manufacturer: Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


About This Item

Zinc is an essential element in human health with a wide range of roles. It works as a coenzyme for more than 200 enzymes. These enzymes are involved in nucleic acid and protein metabolism and the production of energy. Zinc is vital for growth and development. Zinc deficiency can result in growth retardation, immune dysfunction, increased incidence of infections, anorexia, weight loss, neural tube defects of the foetus, increased risk for abortion and mental lethargy.

Folic Acid is the member of B-vitamin group. Folic Acid participates in several key biological processes, including the synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins. It is necessary for DNA replication and is involved in the regulation of gene expression. Folic Acid deficiency in pregnant women results in an increased incidence of neural tube defects, including meningomyelocele (e.g., spina bifida), anencephaly, meningocele and craniorachischisis in their neonates. Folic Acid deficiency leads to megaloblastic anemia. Other symptoms and signs of Folic Acid deficiency include weakness, fatigue, irritability, headache, difficulty concentrating, palpitations etc.

Dosage & Administration

One tablet daily or as recommended by the physician.

Prophylaxis and in the prevention of Zinc and Folic Acid deficiencies.


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